Live Music

We have a live session from Graeme Cox starting at about 2.00pm Sunday, 16th June, following the 24 hour pool marathon.

At this year’s BowerFest we have the following acts:

Saturday, 20th July’19: Tom Hingley (frontman of ‘Inspiral Carpets’) (1.00-3.00 pm), Nowheremen (4.00-6.00 pm), Fiery Biscuits (7.00-9.00 pm)

Sunday, 21st July’19: Hokum (1.00-3.00 pm), Storm (4.30-6.30 pm)

Live music, featuring mostly local talent who have been or who are waiting to be discovered started in November 2017 with the very popular skiffle band, Hokum, who have now played three very successful sessions for us. Other artists so far featured are Ryan Noble, Naomi Ackroyd, Michelle Veasey,  Greame Cox, Brandy Jacks, Rectory Street Band, Nowheremen, Bluestrings, Dom & Kieran and Mello John.

We also featured Tom Hingley (the frontman of the 90s group ‘Inspiral Carpets’) at a ticket only event just prior to Christmas 2018.