Next Club Committee Meeting: 7.30pm, Saturday, 9th February 2019.

All Committee members are asked to attend this meeting.

The first 2019 BowerFest Meeting: 2.00pm, Sunday, 27th January 2019

All interested members are invited to attend this meeting in which we will begin planning our next event. The BowerFest is an important event for the Club in terms of finance and reputation and we want to encourage all members to have their say in how this event is run. A sub-committee will be established at this meeting.

The Club Annual General Meeting (AGM): 7.30pm, Saturday, 23rd March 2019

All members can attend this meeting in which there will be a summary of the finances and what the committee has been doing over the past twelve months. The old committee (apart from the secretary) will be dissolved and a new one elected. Any member of at least six months can put themselves forward for the committee, but must add their names to a list which will go up in the Club at the beginning of March. Announcements and circulations will be made nearer the time.