The bar at Hall Bower is run and staffed entirely by volunteers. The bar rota is produced every month and members of the committee are responsible for ensuring that the bar is staffed each day. Most of the team that work behind the bar are locals from in and around Hall Bower. Any member can apply to work voluntarily behind the bar by speaking to a committee member or sending an email to; your suitability will be assessed and then appropriate training will be arranged.

Committee & Officers.

Updated on 19th November 2020:-

President: Steve Taylor
Vice Presidents: Helen Need & Gerard Rose
Treasurer: Ian Burkinshaw
Secretary: Michael Rollinson
Minutes Secretary: Judith Rollinson
Committee: Tracie Reeves 
  Leanne Joseph
Shaun Hodgson
   Rob Taylor
Haley Durham
Elaine Burkinshaw
  Matt Lander
  Rachel Spencer
   Tony Crowther

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