Hall Bower Athletic Club goes back a long way!
It has it’s early history as far as we know tied to the Cricket Club up the road, but with the cricket club being on land owned by Hall Bower Chapel it was a dry place.
Some maverick drinkers fed up of not being able to quench their thirst after a hard game of cricket (or Tennis at the old Tennis court down High Lane) decided to start their own club so they could have a beer after a game.
From what we can gather the original club was a lot closer to the Cricket Club than it is now and was sited on land that now adorns a reasonably modern bungalow just down Tenter Lane (the path between the Cricket Club and Hall Bower itself.)
As time went on the club moved down the road to what we believe to be Springwood Cottage, and from there to it’s present location in the heart of the village.

if you have anything to add, or any old pictures please get in touch so we can update this page.

Hall Bower Athletic Club Millennium Bar

Hall Bower – a written history

Hall Bower – old pictures

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